Wetsus doctoral programme introduction

The Wetsus doctoral programme has grown in the more than 10 years of its existence to a prime example of smart, regional specialisation on water technology with a strong European connection between research institutes and industry partners. The research in the Wetsus takes place in close collaboration with 106 industrial partners that actively participate in the research through paying memberships to the focused and high trust research themes. Our current PhD researcher, Olga Sojka, will introduce you to our unique doctoral programme.

The experiences of WaterSEED and Marie Curie PhD’s

The PhDs recruited from the 1st batch of WaterSEED Marie Curie COFUND project shared their experiences during the recruitment process and their time at Wetsus conducted research while collaborated with industrial partners.

Wetsus alumni

Wetsus graduates shared their thought on having a PhD at Wetsus. Listen to them to get more reasons to join us at Wetsus.

Living in Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is the capital city of Friesland province and became the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018. The city has beautiful and historic places, ample choice in shopping and dining places, and offers a lot of fun activities.