excellence in research

Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology, has submitted a request for recognition as an organization with excellent HR policies for researchers. After approval, Wetsus may then use the HR logo “excellence in research”. The European Commission wants to promote openness and transparency on labour markets for researchers. To this end, Wetsus has drawn up a charter and code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers. These two documents contribute to making an academic career more appealing and to promoting employment. For further information, go to charter and code of conduct.

The charter and the code of conduct contain forty basic principles. For the implementation of these, a procedure has been drawn up that includes an internal analysis of regulations, the methodology and how to draft a plan for improvement. In the request as submitted to the commission, a GAP analysis is used to detail our HR policies in a plan for improvement that includes necessary actions. This involved carefully examining 40 basic principles in the charter and the code of conduct. Wetsus endorses the principles in the charter and the code of conduct. Mobility is one of the spearheads in the HR strategy, with an open and transparent labour market promoting career prospects for researchers.

Research centres that act in line with the principles of the charter and the code of conduct acquire the logo HR excellence in research. Wetsus has submitted the request so it may be granted permission to use the logo once the procedure is complete. The internal analysis and the plan for improvement (based on the internal analysis) are part and parcel of the request.

After approval, Wetsus will carry out a self-assessment after two years into the progress of the implementation of the charter and the code of conduct and into the progress of the plan for improvement.

For more information please click on this link On our way to HR EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH – Wetsus. There you can find more information and documentation.