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Call opened on the 6th of September 2021

We proudly present the first Empower call on this website containing 14 PhD positions. The deadline to submit your application is on Friday, 29th of October 2021.

Please do not send your application to the email address of the listed academic and Wetsus supervisors. Only complete applications received via the official application form on this website will be considered for evaluation.

PhD project 1:  Optimisation of manure processing: towards more sustainable application of manure-based fertilizers.

PhD project 2: Stable polyelectrolyte multilayer based membranes for water treatment under harsh conditionsStable polyelectrolyte multilayer based membranes for water treatment under harsh conditions

PhD project 3: Enhancing the local water cycle via evaporation for a sustainable water supply

PhD project 4: Sensing strategies for real-time, early warning monitoring of biofilm formation parameters in drinking water distribution systems

PhD project 5: Beyond chlorine: alternative sustainable compounds to remove biofilms in drinking water environments

PhD project 6: High recovery and chemical-free desalination using advanced electrodialysis schemes

PhD project 7: Energy-efficient electrochemical phosphate recovery (EPR) – optimisation and upscaling

PhD project 8: Towards a circular sulphur economy

PhD project 9: Production of PHA from municipal primary sludge VFAs in support of upscaling of PHA production from municipal surplus activated sludge

PhD project 10: Steering protein functionality by smart dehydration

PhD project 11: Untapping the energetic potential of grey water: microbiological safety and downstream re-utilization routes

PhD project 12: Optics-based distributed sensing for the management of groundwater quality

PhD project 13: Inline electronic leak detection in water distribution systems

PhD project 14: EPS-based solutions to increase soil structure and resilience to drought