research positions

Herewith we are happy to present a new Wetsus call with 7 new available PhD projects. The overview of all the vacancies you will find beneath! Please make sure that your complete application is submitted before Friday 13 October 15.00 CET.

2023.05 Modeling dynamically operated biological activated carbon filters

2023.09 Understanding and improving ice properties for sports and sustainability

2023.11 Valorizing animal manure: facilitating phosphorus and coinciding resource recovery through biological treatment

2023.12 Making biodegradable microbial flocculants (EPS) from wastewater

2023.13 Developing a robust optical multiparameter sensor platform for monitoring of micropollutants and nutrients in surface water

2023.14 Developing high-throughput membrane adsorbers via electrospinning for selective PFAS removal

2023.15 Engineering of biological activated carbon (BAC) filters for micropollutants removal in tertiary wastewater treatment

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