research positions

The 1st call of EMPOWER PhD Programme is closed. Please be informed that we no longer accept applications for the current call.

PhD project 1:  Optimisation of manure processing: towards more sustainable application of manure-based fertilizers.

PhD project 2: Stable polyelectrolyte multilayer based membranes for water treatment under harsh conditions

PhD project 3: Enhancing the local water cycle via evaporation for a sustainable water supply

PhD project 4: Sensing strategies for real-time, early warning monitoring of biofilm formation parameters in drinking water distribution systems (withdrawn)

PhD project 5: Beyond chlorine: alternative sustainable compounds to remove biofilms in drinking water environments

PhD project 6: High recovery and chemical-free desalination using advanced electrodialysis schemes

PhD project 7: Energy-efficient electrochemical phosphate recovery (EPR) – optimisation and upscaling

PhD project 8: Towards a circular sulphur economy

PhD project 9: Production of PHA from municipal primary sludge VFAs in support of upscaling of PHA production from municipal surplus activated sludge

PhD project 10: Steering protein functionality by smart dehydration

PhD project 11: Untapping the energetic potential of grey water: microbiological safety and downstream re-utilization routes

PhD project 12: Optics-based distributed sensing for the management of groundwater quality

PhD project 13: Inline electronic leak detection in water distribution systems

PhD project 14: EPS-based solutions to increase soil structure and resilience to drought