simona pruiti

Simona Pruiti

From Sicily (Italy)

‘Wetsus is one of my happy places’

I’m from Italy and I studied Chemical Engineering for both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I am currently working on a project to optimise a technology for the removal and recovery of phosphate from wastewater using electrochemistry.

When I discovered Wetsus, I was impressed by the high-quality laboratory, the technical department, and the analytical team. Additionally, I was very attracted by the idea that I could work on a very applied project. Finally, the opportunity to do the MBA was the cherry on the cake!

I’m having a really good time at Wetsus! Everyone is super friendly, nice, and ready to help when you need it! The People at Wetsus make my day.

What I like most about Wetsus is that because many partners are involved, there are many chances to meet and work with new people.

My research at Wetsus is very applied, so I’m learning a lot about what matters for real-life market use. Additionally, interacting with the companies involved in my project helps me to understand what matters to them even more.

The MBA is helping me to understand how organisations function and the key factors to consider when managing one. It’s also teaching me how to be an effective leader, adapting to the needs of different team members.

One of the funniest moments at Wetsus was when, with a group of colleagues, we decided to draw each other during the lunch break. The results were so hilarious that we started proposing this activity more often.

The Netherlands is a friendly place where you can enjoy good working conditions and very nice people!

Probably still in the Netherlands working in the research field.

A PhD can be challenging sometimes, but Wetsus gives me the chance to grow a lot as a person and professional thanks to programmes such as the personal development course or the MBA. Additionally, Wetsus creates the right conditions to develop new friendships, which can be a game changer when facing new challenges in your PhD track.