mirvahid mohammadpour chehrghani

Mirvahid Mohammadpour Chehrghani

From Urmia, West Azerbaijan, Iran

Wetsus gives me the tools to be able to develop my own company in the future

I originally come from Iran but have spent the last few years in Turkey.  After receiving my BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Izmir Institute of Technology, I attained my MSc from Sabanci University, Istanbul. During my MSc studies, I gained extensive knowledge and experience on fundamental theory, experimental studies of fluid mechanics, phase change heat transfer, and especially dropwise flow condensation on engineered surfaces.

My current PhD project neatly matched up with my experience. I study the reduction of drag (friction) inside pipes from the interaction between the fluid and the pipe wall. The motivation of this research project is to develop a very low resistance water transport system, in which the benefits gained from this would be saving energy by lowering the required pumping power.

It’s great! I am enjoying my time at Wetsus. All staff and researchers here are friendly and cheerful. In other words: fun! Besides that, there is room for me to concentrate and work peacefully too – which is important to me.  

It’s collaboration and partnership with industries. Being an academic institute, Wetsus uniquely combines fundamental science with its possible application. You can see what you’re working for, and who are looking for new technologies to advance the world – or at least the water technology sector. Quickly bringing innovations to the market, spin-off companies, and patent requests from the knowledge institute reflect this desire.

Because of its close connections and collaborations with both industry and university, after finishing my PhD, I can decide with a clear mind to choose between industry or academia. Wetsus has already given me insight into the perspectives and aspirations of both sectors. Though, I’d like to think that in ten years I have established my own company where I am focused on real-life engineering problems related to water and energy. As of now, It fits my desires more. I’m glad Wetsus gives me the tools to be able to develop my own company.

As you probably have read at the top, my name is quite long and complicated. For western standards, that is. As a result, the sign that displays the names of everyone in the office had to be enlarged. And that’s not the only effect my name has had here. In an informal lunch we head with the CEOs of the institute, one of our scientific bosses, jokingly told to not hire anyone with long names anymore because it’s too complicated. We all had a good laugh 🙂

I like the diversity and multiculturality of the country. So with many people from different ethnic backgrounds. That’s important to me, as you never feel alone or excluded.  Besides that, I love the way Dutch people care about their environment and how they are open to new ideas and discussions. And Leeuwarden, the city of our institute, is a great place to be – nice and cosy. I love its historical centres.

If you really love the topic of your PhD and feel eager to learn new concepts, but on the other hand, if you are ready for a challenge as well, do not worry about doing your PhD at Wetsus. Wetsus, due to its collaboration and partnership of both industry and academia, is a joyful environment that will provide you with the appropriate infrastructure to make significant contributions to science, address the growing challenges of life on earth, and innovate.