Research projects

The 7th call is closed now. The deadline for this call was 14 May 2018 12am (CET)

7.1 Water desalination with chemically modified carbon nanotube electrodes - physics, chemical or mechanical engineering – promotor: Prof.dr. Bert van der Wal (Wageningen University)
7.2 Natural flocculant recovery by mild fractionation using ionic liquids and aqeous two-phase systems - chemical engineering and a strong affinity with (polymer) chemistry and separation technology – promotor: Prof. dr. S.R.A. Kersten (University of Twente, Sustainable Process Technology)
7.3 Development and scale-up of liquid crystalline based polymeric membranes with aligned uniform pores - organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, membrane technology - promotor: Kitty Nijmeijer (Eindhoven University of Technology)
7.4 Novel electrochemical cell concepts for generating salinity gradient energy - process engineering, environmental engineering or membrane technology – promotor: Prof.dr. S.R.A. Kersten (Uniersity of Twente)
7.5 Pipes materials in drinking water distribution systems and their influence on bioadhesion, biofilm growth and detachment - biotechnology or chemical and/or environmental engineering – Promotor: Prof. Dr. Henny van der Mei, (Dep. of Biomedical Engineering University of Groningen)
7.6 Organic residues engineering to enhance soil organic matter and related ecosystem services - environmental (bio)technology with a strong interest for (soil)microbiology and organic chemistry - promotor: Cees Buisman (Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
7.7 Novel methods for electrochemical capture and conversion of CO2 - chemical engineering, electrochemistry, physical chemistry – promotor: to be defined
7.8 Electrochemical conversion of waste heat to electricity - process engineering, electrochemical engineering or environmental engineering – promotor: to be defined
7.9 Sensor for selective, continuous and in-line measurement of impurities in water engineering - chemistry - physics or electrical engineering – promotor: to be defined
7.10  Continuous monitoring of water quality through sensor data fusion - physics, electrical engineering, mathematics or computer science – promotor: to be defined
7.11  Smart-pipes, monitoring assets for efficient maintenance - mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science – promotors: Tiedo Tinga (University of Twente, Engineering Technology (CTW), Prof.dr. Paul Havinga (University of Twente, Engineering Technology, Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI)
7.12  Single cell microbial physiology to monitor the water quality in treatment processes and water distribution- molecular microbiology, microbial genetics, bio-informatics, microbial physiology – promotor: Prof. dr. J. Kok (University of Groningen, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Molecular Genetics), Co-promotor: Prof. dr. G.J.W. Euverink (University of Groningen, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Products and Processes for Biotechnology)
7.13 Multicomponent mass transport modeling of water desalination with reverse osmosis - physics, chemical or mechanical engineering – promotor: Walter van der Meer, University of Twente, Membrane Science & Technology
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