City of Leeuwarden


Leeuwarden is the capital as well as the administrative, economic and cultural centre of one of the most northern provinces of the Netherlands: Friesland. The province of Friesland (Fryslan) has been named Lonely Planet's number three destination to visit in Europe in 2018.
The city has a wonderful historic centre where you can stroll through old narrow walkways and along the city canals. On the streets, you’re sure to see students of the local colleges and universities. In the summer, they can be found at one of the sidewalk cafés on the canals. Many cafés and restaurants are especially lively on Friday afternoons.

Leeuwarden is a popular city amongst students. There is plenty to do. It has a large variety in students clubs, restaurants, cafes and theaters. Also, as Leeuwarden is a relatively small city (about 85.000 inhabitants), everything is easily accessible and your home will never be to far from the city centre. People in the Netherlands are great cyclists. The countryside is flat and though you may find that on longer journeys the wind can hold you back, cycling is the easiest way to get around in town. You can easily buy a good second hand bike at one of the bike shops in town. Check out for all the events, hotspots and news in and around Leeuwarden.


Leeuwarden is an authentic water city, not only because it hosts the finish of the longest ice skating tour in the Netherlands or because of the water in the city’s canals, but also because of its current specialisation in the field of water technology. Leeuwarden is quickly becoming the European capital of water technology.

Having clean water at one’s fingertips is something that might seem self-evident, but is in actual fact the challenge for the future. It’s a complicated undertaking: the availability of fresh water is currently under immense pressure while demand for water is growing enormously. This requires innovative solutions and new techniques within the water chain. Water Campus Leeuwarden plays a leading role in this.

The Water Campus consists of several different companies and organisations, including Wetsus. Scientists from all corners of the world conduct research here into solutions related to drinking water, waste water purification and water distribution. In this way, the Water Campus acts as ‘hub’ for a worldwide network of water technology; a central point where knowledge is collected and innovation is enabled.

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